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An easy fix to tackling workload with effective curriculum planning

Jenny Tomlinson

Written by Jenny Tomlinson

Jenny is our Content Marketing Executive and specialises in creating content for all manner of platforms, from websites and email campaigns through to brochures and exhibition stands.

Is your school finding the recording and monitoring of curriculum coverage a time-consuming and relentless task? If so then you are not alone.


The challenge

One of the schools we work with found that it took an increasing amount of time to track their curriculum coverage. They were highlighting multiple paper copies of each subject and sharing them in staff meetings. The school's coordinators reported that it was difficult to get an up-to-date picture of coverage and some pupils were being taught the same curriculum content several times during their time at school despite having already successfully learnt it. This lack of clarity and repetition was becoming an issue regarding staff workload; making it difficult to get an overall picture of teaching.


The solution

Since using InfoMentor, the school's coordinators can now easily distribute the curriculum to the relevant year groups. In addition, teachers can access this information from wherever they are, at any time. When teachers plan their lessons, the curriculum coverage tool automatically displays an up-to-date picture of coverage, so the school is confident that all areas of the curriculum will be covered by the end of the year.


How does it work?

The curriculum is essential for a successful school and is at the very heart of our solution. If your school uses a bespoke curriculum or curriculum provider such as Rising Stars or Pearson, this is uploaded into InfoMentor by our team during the first few weeks of implementation. This provides the basis of your planning, assessment and reporting. 

As teachers use the system to plan their topics and lessons, the curriculum coverage tool is automatically updated so school leaders can review the curriculum coverage at any point to see what parts of the curriculum have been planned and covered, enabling them to easily spot the gaps. The screenshot below shows how the feature works for Pearson's Science KS2 curriculum. It lists the statements which need to be covered for both Year 5 and Year 6. 

Curriculum Coverage Screenshot - in Device.png

The red triangles containing a 0 show that these parts of the curriculum are yet to be taught. The yellow circles containing the number 1 or higher show that these statements have been linked to topics (units of learning). The green stars containing the number 1 or higher show that these statements have been linked to topic planning and lesson planning.

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