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Do teachers trust their school leaders?

You get a feeling about a school as soon as you walk through the door. Similar to a house buyer looking around a potential home where a decision is made within the first thirty...


Empower pupils with your classroom environment

In many cases, today's pupils spend more time with their class teacher than they do with their parents. At home they eat and sleep, but it is in school where they are...


Marking is feedback, but feedback is not just marking

Every evening, after school hours, teachers are trudging down school corridors with their wheeled trolley's filled with books. Teachers around the country looking forward to an...


How do you define a good education?

It is not long before a topic of conversation turns to education. Whether it be the old favourite of "education isn't the same as when I was at school" or "What about the state...


Who should direct education policy: politicians or educationalists?

Before 1988, schools had education freedom. The freedom to control the UK curriculum. Schools were trusted to teach what they felt was 'right' and important for their pupils.


Is target setting all about data?

Have schools adjusted to 'life after levels'? Many schools still seem to be in a state of confusion. It has now been three years since UK education was 'turned on its head'...


Is it time for teaching to move into the modern age?

 In my thirty years of education, I have been able see how education has evolved and changed. Starting with Thatcherism, through New Labour and into the present Conservative...


Can you visualise a classroom of the future?

The world is changing faster than any time in history, but can we keep pace with the change? Are we able to predict the future? It’s important to think about what schools are...


Do your lesson plans improve learning or are they a 'tick box' exercise?

Ofsted does not require schools to provide individual lesson plans to inspectors. Equally, Ofsted does not require schools to provide previous lesson plans. - Ofsted 2016