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How Socrates influenced the future of education - part 1

Socrates (c 470 BC – 399 BC) was a Greek teacher who often questioned and disrupted the status quo of the Government. His views and opinions have influenced the way many people...


Is teacher burnout becoming more common?

The world is changing at an expeditious rate as shown in Shift Happens, but our minds and bodies are finding it increasingly difficult to adjust to these rapid changes...


Is teacher workload out of control?

Teaching has to be one of the most rewarding professions you can get into, as you feel you make a real difference to children's lives. Watching children develop, helping them...


Are we educating children for the future?

Our world is changing at an ever increasing rate. For today's changing world, we don't need our population to have a new 'toolkit' of skills. We need a population that is...


Is it time to give your teaching an upgrade?

Whether you use a PC or Mac or whether you have an Apple or an android phone, you await the message that updates are now available. Software to make your device run more...


How do some teachers make the job look so easy?

In my role I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit brilliant schools, meet inspirational leaders and observe great teachers. These great teachers seem to...


Make time to reflect on your school leadership style

Being a school leader is extremely rewarding, but it can also be pretty scary and overwhelming. The higher the leadership position, the more you influence decisions, but the...