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More accurately match planning to pupil ability

Jenny Tomlinson

Written by Jenny Tomlinson

Jenny is our Content Marketing Executive and specialises in creating content for all manner of platforms, from websites and email campaigns through to brochures and exhibition stands.

Every pupil is a unique individual. They each learn at a different pace and in a different way. Teachers need to adapt their planning to incorporate the needs of every pupil. But with their increasing workloads, how can they achieve this in the most efficient way?


The challenge

One of the schools we work with found that some pupils were not being challenged in their lessons because they had already learnt what was being taught. Similarly, some pupils found the work too difficult and gave up because they could not understand the work being set.


The solution

By using InfoMentor, the school was able to clearly support teachers in easily identifying where each pupil was in their learning. This enabled the teachers to better match their lessons to the ability of each pupil.


How does it work?

InfoMentor’s assessment feature encourages formative assessments to take place in the classroom, at the point of learning, and is seamlessly linked to lesson and topic planning. When a unit of learning (topic) is created, it automatically generates a digital mark book with simple icon-based marking and intuitive evidence capture. It gives your school clear visibility of where and when the assessment was made and by whom, allowing teachers to share information. This saves them time by helping them to avoid repetitive data entry, as information doesn’t have to be copied and repeated on a variety of platforms.

Markbook Screenshot - in Device

Our comments tool allows teachers to record observations and details about specific skills of individual pupils. This provides a record which can be referred back to at a later date so that teachers can see the stage the pupil was at in terms of their understanding and tailor their teaching accordingly. The history tool helps to show pupil progress over time, which is especially important for Special Educational Needs Schools who need to show small amounts of progress over longer periods of time.


Let InfoMentor help you make a positive change to the teaching and learning in your school. It has been specifically designed to make life easier by tackling teacher workload. Take a look around our website where you can download white papersview case studies and request a demo.