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Introducing our new curriculum grid summary tool

Frances Parkinson

Written by Frances Parkinson

Frances originally studied Fine Art at university before going on to complete her PGCE in 2003. She spent 8 years teaching in primary schools in the South West before joining the team at InfoMentor.

Making continuous improvements to InfoMentor so that it works effectively for you, our valued customer, is at the very core of our values. You have spoken so we have listened. We are therefore delighted to announce that we are launching a new curriculum grid summary tool in our next set of updates and new features. This feature will be rolled out and automatically available for you to use from Monday 23rd October.

The benefits to you

We understand that teacher judgements are the most accurate measure of attainment and progress, so have designed a system that supports this rather than one that automatically predicts pupil outcomes. In order to make decisions about a child's achievements when making a summative judgement, our curriculum grid summary tool will help you to get an overview of the formative assessments that have been collected.

Curriculum grid summaries.jpg


How does it work?

The summary of the curriculum grid has two tabs: Assessed and Attained. The Assessed tab (1) shows the percentages of the grid and its sub-sections that have been assessed, as well as a break down of the marks that have been granted.

In the image below you can see that 38% of the whole grid has been assessed so far this year and that the pupil, Alex, has mainly "Met" (amber) the curriculum that he has been taught.

Curriculum grid summaries_1.jpg

The Attained tab (2) shows the percentage of the grid that has been attained along with the total available points for the subject. In the example below, Alex has so far achieved 25% of the total marks available for the grid. The points are calculated from the Red, Amber, Green mark scheme where R=1, A=2 and G=3. 

It is important to note that the total point score is simply a reflection of the mark scheme that is in use in the grid and therefore its interpretation should be carefully considered at your school.

Curriculum grid summaries_2.jpg


Pupil Journal

The Pupil Journal is a great new feature that can be found in the Pupil Profile. Here it is possible to record and share information and documents with other relevant staff members. You can create your own categories depending on your requirements. Categories could include Behaviour, Medical notes and Awards and Achievements amongst others. 

In the coming months the Journal feature will be available in IM Home so information can be shared with pupil and parents if you choose to do so.


Other new updates and features

Also included in our next update is the ability to unlink multiple statements from a unit. Sometimes it is necessary to unlink many or all statements from a unit, particularly if you want to delete it from the site. We have listened to you and made it easier to carry out this action by introducing "Unlink" options for each section of a grid in a unit. Simply go to the Statement screen in a unit and choose the drop down arrow next to the section of statements that you wish to unlink.



Group assessment view update

For those schools who use numeric mark schemes, it is now possible to enter the same mark twice in a group assessment screen. This means that a record of an assessment point can be made even if the mark hasn’t changed.




Assess linked statements in an assignment

Assignments in InfoMentor are a great way to promote independent learning and are delivered to pupils through IM Home, our pupil portal.

When an assignment is set as part of a unit, it is now possible for the teacher to see how well a pupil has performed against the curriculum in their independent tasks, separately to the work they do in the lesson.



Supporting you every step of the way

If you have any questions about our latest system updates and new features, please contact our support team by calling 0845 680 3681 or by emailing In the meantime, feel free to take a look around our website to download our informative white papers which focus on a range of industry topics, read our blog for opinions and information on key educational issues or vote in our teacher poll to tell us what inspired you to get into teaching.


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