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Our new pupil self assessment feature

Frances Parkinson

Written by Frances Parkinson

Frances originally studied Fine Art at university before going on to complete her PGCE in 2003. She spent 8 years teaching in primary schools in the South West before joining the team at InfoMentor.

We are very excited to introduce our new pupil self assessment feature which brings the following benefits:

  • Pupils can now assess themselves against the units and curriculum that they are being taught
  • Teachers have full control over which curriculum statements they would like pupils to assess, and can easily switch access on or off
  • Self assessments are designed to support a teacher’s judgement of pupil attainment but do not automatically impact final assessments
  • Self Assessments gives students an opportunity to take ownership of their learning and to think critically about what they do and do not understand


How does it work?
Self Assessment can be switched on or off for any Unit of Learning. Simply go to the Statement Section of the unit you want pupils to assess against and toggle the Self Assessment tab on or off.

Self assessment.jpg

When a pupil logs in to IM Home they can see the curriculum for each unit that has been shared with them and can make their own judgments about each statement (1)

If a teacher has publish their assessments for the unit then the pupil will be able to view these alongside their own marks (2)

Self assessment1.jpg

Teachers can see pupil’s assessments in their units and if appropriate can use these to help inform their own marks (1)

Self assessment2.jpg

If you would like to find out more about self assessment then contact us at or look out for our Super User training sessions coming in the new year.

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